Sunday, May 26, 2019

DeWeese-Dye Reservoir

The Grape Creek headwaters are in the Wet Mountain Valley south of Westcliffe. From there, the creek flows into DeWeese Reservoir north of town. The reservoir was constructed in 1902 to store water for the DeWeese-Dye Ditch, which brings water to the Lincoln Park area of Canon City. Dall DeWeese and C.R.C. Dye were developing a 1500 acre area in Lincoln Park they called "Fruitland." The plan was to bring water from Grape Creek for irrigation, but it was soon discovered the water flow was not sufficient year round. Thus, a dam was built to create a reservoir that would insure a steady flow of water in Grape Creek year round.  The intake for the DeWeese-Dye Ditch is west of Ecology Park in Canon City, about a mile south of the confluence of Grape Creek and the Arkansas River.

The area around the dam is fun to explore. Lots of boulders and interesting rock formations -- and, of course, amazing views!

For more on Grape Creek and its history, click here and here!
Directions from Westcliffe: From Main Street, turn north on Highway 69 (towards Texas Creek) and drive 0.3 mile, turn right on Lake Deweese Road (County Road 241) and proceed 4.6 miles, at the "Y" turn left and drive 0.2 miles to a 'day use' parking area.

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