Saturday, June 10, 2017

Homestead Ranch

I wish I had more time when I stopped by Homestead Ranch one evening. But it was getting late and I walked the dog as far as I could with the light that remained. But what I saw made me want to come back and explore some more. Near the parking area is a pond with numerous picnic areas around. I saw some people fishing and other packing up after their dinner. I went on around the lake and up into the woods where the trail became more steep and eventually leveled out on a wide open plateau. It's from there I shot the sunset photo and started heading back. But I loved the portion of the trail I saw and the remote, rustic feel of the land there. At 450 acres and over three miles of trails, there's a lot to explore.

The park is located outside of Peyton, CO, east of Black Forest. To learn more about the Homestead Ranch Regional Park and for maps and directions, click here and here.

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