Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Yesterday, you said tomorrow. 
--Nike ad. 

After years of thinking and dreaming, talking and planning, and then delaying… it was time to explore other career opportunities and to take a big leap of faith and move out to Colorado. Tennessee, you've been very good to me. I moved there not knowing a soul, and it's amazing, looking back, at how it all came together. It was often stormy, especially those early years of getting settled into a career, but I met many amazing and supportive friends and had wonderful opportunities to get involved in the community along the way. So I set out to Colorado this week, not knowing what lies in store. But hopeful and optimistic, and trusting that there's something bigger going on in my life and if I hesitated or relented, somehow I'd always regret it. So here's to today, it's all we have. Let's live it fully without regret. 

Above: Rain clouds welcome me to the plains of eastern Colorado.

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